Purpose: "Honoring those who serve Homeless and Needy Veterans and their families”


Nominee Must be a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars or its Auxiliary

(There will be one award for a VFW member & one award for an Auxiliary member)



  • Recognized for a positive impact on the welfare of homeless or needy Veterans and / or their families.
  • Contribution to the humanitarian efforts by direct involvement serving the needs of mankind.
  • Service can be done through an individual’s focus on events, education, and volunteer efforts.
  • Significant contributions benefiting homeless or needy Veterans and/ or their families.


Required Documentation:

  • Humanitarian Nomination form
  • Please explain in detail why this individual should be honored                                                                                    


If the nominee is a Post Commander or Auxiliary President, please get the District Commander or President to sign. A VFW member can nominate an Auxiliary member and an Auxiliary member can nominate a VFW member.